Warjoja is a brand of nutritious dietary supplement that works as a diabetic retinopathy supplement and diabetic neuropathy supplement too. The brand was launched by two pharma veterans with collective experience of three decades in the field.
Warjoja is named after their original birthplace in Rajasthan – a flip of the village named “Jojawar.” With this product, the founders are keen to connect their identity with their roots.
Warjoja is their first brand that combines the composition and contents of well-known nutrition supplements. The owners are keen to encourage people to invest in their health, and addressing their neurological issues head-on.
The brand Warjoja is ideal in treating peripheral neuropathy conditions induced by diabetes, alcoholism, cancer, and drug consumption. The supplement ensures that people today can combat with their current day health issues of anorexia, anaemia, restlessness, loss of energy, and much more. The diabetic retinopathy supplement ensures every body organ works to its optimal potency.
It has known to reduce the use of other medicines that cause multiple side effects on human body, catering to all general health issues of people of all age groups.
The makers are keen to expand their line of products/ supplements based on diverse compositions to ensure the well-being of people everywhere.

Meet the team

Mr Mahendra Kumar Jain


Mr Mukesh Kumar Jain

Head of Marketing

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